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Boars-Augurs. What will the year of 2019 be like?

According to the Chinese calendar, the year of Yellow Clay Hog will come into power on the 5th of February. There are lots of predictions as what is waiting for us in 2019. But the symbol of the year is the only one who can set it right. The augurs were our charming boars Puba and Businka. We prepared a box with tasty ingredients for them as well as with "valuable information". The 5th of February is the New Year's Day according to the Eastern calendar. We chose Chinese proverbs from treasures of Eastern wisdom.


Coming nearer to the boxes, our pigs made their choice quite fast. The first was Businka. She was interested in the inscription more than in the ingredients. But the path to Pumba's heart lay through his stomach. He chose the same box and examined its contents: bread, carrots, beets. Filling of each box was similar, therefore the choice was unconditional and unprejudiced.


The prediction and wish for citizens of Kharkov for 2019 ran as follows: consider things from their light side. If there aren't any, then polish dark sides until they shine. Our hogs wish you preserve your optimism in all situations , then the white stripe will be full of success, well-being and happiness!