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Birds of Kharkov Zoo in Gorkiy Park

Warm days of Spring have come, now Kharkov inhabitants and guests of our city will be able to enjoy looking at the gracious swan couple. Roody shelducks and Canadian Geese keep them company. All these birds come from Kharkov Zoo. They move house to Gorky park and bring lots of joy to the visitors of the park. All Summer long they create unique atmosphere of this snug nook. 



These birds stay indoors at the Zoo from the end of October till April. But as soon as warm weather comes, birds leave for their estival residence there they have a gorgeous pond at their disposal, as well as an island with a house. Zoo workers who keep on observinf the birds even while they are away from the Zoo, say that the pond is the favourite site of the birds. They do not show much interest to the house. The island is their feeding place. Their diet consists of various grains (wheat, oats, millets), vegetables (carrots, beats), grass. They get ample amounts of these foods. But when the Autumn comes, birds get back where they belong, i.e., to the Zoo.


Пернатые Харьковского зоопарка в парке им. М. Горького