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Birds of Happiness

Each year the whole planet is keeping the international "Day of Birds", ecological event which is aimed at conservation of biodiversity and number of population. The event is organized within the UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" program. The first convention of bird conservation was signed in 1906 in order to protect birds of farms. Since then the 1st of April is not just the date of signing of the document but also t

he Day of Birds.


We, too, have got ancient traditions of protection of birds, especially insect-eating singing birds. In the third part of March, on the eve of vernal equinox, people bake "larks" of dough. People released captive wild birds, peasants hang up birdhouses. After the revolution the Day of Birds was celebrated on a massive scale. Schoolcildren constructed birdhouses and placed them in gardens, parks, yards. Professor V.G. Averin initiated massive protection of birds of Ukraine.

Within "Man and the Biosphere" program there are organized various events of conservation and protection of birds. In former times number of birds diminished due to shooting and hunting, now the main reason of population decrease is noxious human impact on environment. Protection of migrating birds has always been one of the most complicated conservational problems. Therefore there have been concluded many international agreement on protection of migrating birds, the most impiortant of them are Ramsara convention and Bonn convention.

Lately the tradition of mass participation of schoolchildren and youth in protection of birds is gradually coming back.