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Birds Are Flying...

What influence do migrating birds have on ecosystem of the planet? The day of migrating birds is kept on the second Saturday of May. The international Convention on Bird Conservation was signed in 1906. it initiated global ecological campaign which is aiming at collecting data on migrating birds, their habitat and routes of migration.

Migration os birds is a key indicator of biodiversity and of healthy state of ecosystem, it also indicates climate changes. Migration of birds maintains ecological balance. Millions of birds promote transfering of seeds and biogenic microelements.

Birds are warm-blooded animals. That means that they can keep active in cold periods, still they need more food. That's why many birds leave snow-covered netive terrotories and head for warm lands to spend winter there.

Niber of migrating species depends on difference of feeding conditions in summer and in winter. Many inhabitants of forests and residential areas, about half of them are migrating. Inhabitants of fields, swamps, pools are almost all migrating. Migrating species are insectivorous and carnivorous, less number of them eat grains. This is explicable as seeds and fruit can still be found in winter, insects are absent during wintry season.