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Bear's Day

Bears enjoy the most popularity in Zoos. Their enclosures always attract lots of visitors. Our Zoo keeps Polar, Brown, Himalayan Bears.

Today, on the first Saunday of December, we are celebratinf Bear's Day. It is thought that on this day the bear lies down in its den for sleep. The event originates from ancient pagan times when the bear was one of the most-worshipped totems of ancient tribes. Ancient Slavonic tribes used to have not only Bear's day when bears should go into their dens but also the day of "Sun -turning" in the middle of winter when the bear was considered to turn to another side in its den. In reality bears look after a place to spend the winter in beforehand. Tey wait for a great flurry before they go into a den. They don't pay attention to first snow flakes. They need a thick layer of snow to cover their traces so that  an enemy could not detect a sleeping Master Bruin in his den.

Infortunatlery, there remain only 7 species of bears. Quite often they become victims of poacing. Also their habitat is being diminished. People will not reject hunting or destroyal of their environment. On this day many insitutions oragnize educatory events and provide lectures dedicated to protection of bears. The main goal of the Bear's day is to attract public attention to defense of this amazing animal.