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Ball of Fire that is Bringing Life

Each year the Day of Sun is globally celebrated. The Sun is the closest star to the Earth. It is a powerful source of energy. It brings light and warth which are necessary for flora and fauna. It defined the basic atmospheric conditions of the Earth. The event is aimed to attract public attention to various possibilities of usage of restorable energy resources. Sun energy is economic and inexpensive. Its usage allows us to shorten extraction and burning of fuel.

It will be not exaggerating to say that the Sun brings joy to people and to animals. Meerkats like sun bathing. They have thin fur and dark skin on their bellies. When they need to get warmed up, they roll up on their spine. 

Sun basking is a very important proceeding for sea lions, too.  One can see flocks of these animals lying on their sides with one fin up, thus exposing their bodies to the sun. In this way they get more sun. 

Even penguins of South Africa get together into large colonies and bask in the sun beaches near Cape Town.

The most wondering this is that even Polar Bear can relish scarce rays of polar sun. Polar bear is covered with hair which conduct light and warmth to black skin of this animal.