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Baby Boom among Our Animals that are kept in Kiev Zoo

Due to global reconstruction of Kharkov Zoo we sent many animals for temporary keeping to some other Zoos of Ukraine. Our Abyssynian Ground Hornbills have been living for a year there, as well as Black Storks, David's Deer, Bisons and a Camel. They have nicely adapted themselves to new conditions. Kiev Zoo workers say the animals have made themselves at home. Some of them have brought youngsters there. 


A couple of Black Storks has brought three wonderful nestlings. Successful nesting was possible because of preliminary efforts made by Kiev Zoo workers. Unfortunately, the male cannot fly because his wing is crippled. That's why keepers made a nest on a small platform on the ground. This resulted in happy nesting period and new nestlings. Also our bison male fathered a new calf. We are happy to know that our animals get new-borns at new living site. This proves that the husbandry condtitions are quite good for them.