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Are Tropical Deserts the Future of Ukraine?

Each year anthropogenic impact entails changes in the climate of the Earth. This means global warming, decrease of ozone layer in atmosphere and natural disasters. The Day of Climate turns our attention to this problem. This event is kept on the 15th of May.

Juat think about it: the mankind changes the climate 170 times faster than it would be in a natural way. Last century Co2 emissions and resulting hothouse effect heated up the Earth more than one degree. This brings along a lot of consequences. We experience them right now.

Moderate climate of Ukraine is acquiring traits that are characteristic to deserts and tropics. Tornados and heavy showers became common to our lands. Monthly precipitations number has not increased. But in previous times there prevailed continuous moderate rains, nowadays long droughts change for heavy showers which can be estimated as pernicious for agriculture.


Modern science is not able to say when these cnahges become irrevocable. Still it is possible for the mankind to postpone these changes. People are to give up burning any dry verditure, deforestation and drying of swamps. Only plants can help us by intensive metabolism of CO2 and accumulating carbon in their tissues. People are to adopt scarce use of automobiles, to use energy-saving resources, to reduce usage of plastic and household chemicals. We need to plant trees and to live in harmony with nature!