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Animals that Won the Space

The 11th of May is the day of astronomy which was proclaimed in 1973. The idea of such a day belongs to the president of astronomic association of North California. He said it is not correct to call people to visit exhibitions and museums, it si better to give them the possibility of studying the star-studded sky themselves. This movement had a motto "we carry astronomy to people".


The event is quite young comparing to the age of astronomy itself. It originated from ancient Babylon and Egypt several thousands of years ago. Astronomy is studying celestial bodies. Such research allows us to get deeper into study of the Universe.

Before humans studied winning the space, animals were the first to get out into the space. People sent animals into space before Yury Gagarin went out into open space. First animals that survived space flight and safely landed were dogs named Tsygan and Dezik. They were sent in the USSR in 1951. Renowned Belka and Strelka were first dogs that survived orbit flight and returned back safe and sound.

The day of astronomy is kept on Saturday when the Moon is in the 1st quarter. This happens during the period from the middle of April to the midle of May. The goal of the eent is popularization of astronomy and raising interest of peopleto this important science.