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Animals from Epoch of Mammoths are Right beside Us, or Saiga Antelope Population is Being Restored in Kharkov Region

Once these unique animals inhabited huge territories of Eurasia along with mammoths, woolly rhinoceros and sabretoothed tiger. We are talking about saiga antelopes, a one-of-a-kind antelope species which survived through all natural cataclysms and kept on living in Eurasian Steppe. Even Kharkov region used to be inhabited with Saiga Antelopes. The last reminiscence about hunting for saiga antelope not far from Chuguyev is dated with the 17th century. However, due to human influence these animals diseppeared from Ukrainian territory. The only saiga population in the territory of Ukraine as kept owing to efforts of workers of Ascania Nova Natural Reserve. In 2016 a new nursery farm of Saiga Antelopes  was created on the territory of Regional Landscape Reserve "Alder-Tree Bridle".



Saiga Antelope is a unique species. It is the only antelope species that learned to survive in Eurasian Steppe. These animals are also unique because they collect huge flocks of dozens of thousands of individuals which migrate for extremely long distances. Animals can stand frost of minus 50 and eat of plus forty degrees. Owing to a special shape of nose they warm up air for themselves during winter. On hot summer dais their respiratory organs are safely protected from sand and dust.



At present there are five saiga antelopes in adaptation enclosure of "Alder-Tree Bridle": 3 females and 2 males. The specialists hope for the first breeding of the unique species next year.


Сайгаки. Под Харьковом живут животные времен мамонтов.