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Alexandra Tsekhanskaya, Deputy Director of Kharkov Zoo, has been Rewarded with Order of Nikolay Leontovitch

Kharkov Zoo workers congratulate Alexandra Fyodorovna Tsekhanskaya , Deputy Director of Kharkov Zoo with her being rewarded with Nikolay Leontovitch's Order. This reward was founded by Nikolayev Zoo and it is rewarded to people who have done outstanding services to Nikolayev Zoo regarding conservation of fauna and developing sustainable Zoo world. Only the best specialists are rewarded with this decoration!


Alexandra Fyodorovna Tsekhanskaya has been working in Kharkov Zoo for 45 years. The Zoo has been the only working place throughout her career. An animal keeper, a guide, a lecturer, leader of the young biologists' club. Since 2003 she has been deputy director of Kharkov Zoo. In any work Alexandra Fyodorovna tries to learn deeply different aspects of Zoo activities, be it practical working with animals (keeping and breeding, hand rearing of birds and mammals, composition of diets), or be it participation in international conferences and writing of popular science books.


All this has not remained out of attention of colleagues from Nikolayev Zoo. They have rewarded Alexandra Fyodorovna with Leontovitch's Order for the many years of fruitful work and sustainable contribution to development of Zoo work.