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The 8th of June is the International Ocean Day

The planet that we inhabit can be called "ocean planet". The total area of the World ocean is two times bigger than the terrestrial area, it contains 97% of water supplies.


The World ocean is of vital importance for nature and for humanity. It is a powerful climatic regulator and it influences the weather. It keeps warmth and causes rains. Rational usage of the World's Ocean resources and the solving of the pollution problem is the pledge of life of humanity in the future.

On the 8th of June the planet is celebraiong an important ecological event, the International Ocean day. Owing to this event the humanity has got another possibility to raise the awareness of importance of keeping of nature as well as taking care of flora and fauna of the ocean. Taking care of the ocean should prevent extinction of many species of plants and animals thus letting the future generations to relish the beauty, versatility and might of the World Ocean.