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The 6th of June, Day of Clear Water Reservoirs

The Day of Clear Water Reservoirs is a volunteer event announced by PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructors in many parts of the world in 1995. On this day diving clubs are organizing trips to local water reservoirs when divers clean river banks and river bottoms. Why is regular cleaning so important? 


Water is a key factor that defines the climate of the planet. Any living oragnism contains water. Live organism is spending water and needs it. For example, a human needs more than 2 litres of water a day ( part of it is supplied by water, part of it comes with food). Fields and forests, too, need water. Water is natural habitat of water plants and water animals.

Careless water spending and water pollution puts the whole life on the planet at risk. If we do not put an end to pollution of water reservoirs, aquasystems will stop functioning, their self-cleaning will be disrupted, fish and other water inhabitants will perish. People will have no water supplies, that will lead to death.

Conservation and cleaning of rivers and lakes, control of usage of resources is the first-priority task for preserving clean drinking water supplies that are needful for living for all and sundry.