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The 4th of October, International Animal Protection Day

Do you know that zebra is white-and-black, not black-and-white? Or that flamingoes can feed themselves only while tilting their heads down! Another puzzle : quacking of ducks does not echo anywhere. Non one knows why! These amazing facts from animal life are just several out of a million. They prove that animal world is wondeful.   



However, thtere exist many things that are threatening to the future of animals. Each day we come across excessive workout of natural resources, destroyal of swamps and forests. Alien species invade habitats that are not adjusted to them. Illegal trade and poaching wipe out entire populations. Every million of years  about 9 per cent of species go extinct.  In other words, each year we lose from one to five anial species. Tempoes of extinction have become five times higher. Last massive extinction happened about 65 million years when last dinosaurs went extinct. Surely, everyone of us should think about this problem as disappearance of species leads to global ecological problems and threatens the stability of ecosystem of the Earth.



In order to attract public attention to conservational problems, in 1931 the International Congress organized the International Animal Protection Day. Since then this day has been celebrated in many countries. This particular date was chosed because on the 4th of October, 1226, there died Francis of Assisi. He was Founder of religious order and was considered to be  benefactor of animals. Traditionally on this day there are organized many conservational events that encourage people to show their love and respect towards animals thus recognizing their important role.