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26th of August - the International Night of Bats

Last days of August bring up one of the most peculiar conservation events - Night os Bats. Its main goal is to attract public attention to conservation of chiropterous animals as well as demystifying numerous prejudice. Chiropterous animals are amazing mammals who have mastered the art of flight. Four long fingers of well-developed front webbed legs support the "wing". Thin webbed tail is as long as the animals' head. Fingers of rear legs are not webbed, bats use them for clawing hold of branches and rock brows. Bats' eyesight is quite poor, it is adjusted only for nighttime. Therefore bats have wonderful sense of smell and hearing that help them to get oriented in space, also they have unique ecolocation abilities.



Bats can live almost everywhere except polar regions and high mountain regions. All of them are harmless. The only exception is made by vampire bats with big sharp teeth. They live in Latin America and feed on blood of small mammals and birds, in rare cases even on blood of cattle. Bats that inhabit Europe and Ukraine  are harmless. All of them feed on insects. Bats are useful because they kill lots of pest insects that are active at night.


Many bat species are endangered because of deforestation (bats live in hollow parts of old trees), usage of poisonous chemicals (bats die after eating poisoned insects), human pursuit that results from ignorance and prejudice. There eists the International agreement on chiroptera consrevation, signed by many countries. The idea of "Bat Night" originates from Europe. Such event is kept in more than 30 countries of the world. At this event people join night excursions where they can see the clandestine animals. Also they hang special bat  houses in woods.