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The 1st of December is te Interntional Day of Fighting Against AIDS

The 1st of December is the International Day of Fighting against AIDS. This day has acquired the status of yearly event in the majority of countries of the world and it shows international suppot of figt against AIDS. The oigin of the virus is not totally clear yet, owever the history if thec progress of epidemy is stknown wuite well. The existing theory says that primates of the west-central part of Africa got attacked first by the virus. People got infected via eating infected meat. There are many other theories, still this theory can be scientifically prooved.


It is known that Green Monkeys are natural reservoir of SIV that is similar to VIH. They can gaet along with the virus  without having immunity deficiency. SIV is latent in their organisms causing no harm to their health. Genetic data shows that immune deficiency virus contacted cells of ancestor of all modern green monkey species about a million of years ago. In te course of time different species had their own evolution path interracting with the virus and working out mechanisms of coexistance.