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The 15th of March is the White-Coat Seal Protection Day

The 15th of arch was established as White-Coat Seal Day by the initiative of the IFAW

Baby seals are new-born cubs of Greenland Seal or of Caspian Seal. Their fur is quite fluffy. During two weeks after their birth, while the female feeds them on milk, their fur remains snowy-white. Then their hair turns into hoarse grey. Baby seals get born in the end of February - beginning of May. 

Charming and defenseless babies are object of hunting for decades. No urgent need, just demand for exquisite fur, makes people kill baby seals. 20-30 years ago this fur could be legally bought in the USA, Canada, Europe. Barbarity, cruelty and number of assassinations can't be compared t anything. Unfortunately, Canada and Greenland still allow this in their territory. But people community keeps on fighting against this. On the 15th of March there are organized many events claiming stopping of killing of these animals.