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10 Years on the Wing

It has been 10 years already that our couple of Steppe Eagles is being kept in Cherkassy Zoo. These majestic birds whose acuity of vision is at least five times more than human's, they are monogamous. When they find a pair, they do not part until the end of their life. In our care Vasily and Vasilina made a long-lasting atch in the beginning of 2000. Vasilina was vborn in Kharkov Zoo in 1998. Although the couple started breeding, it was not successful due to absence of enclosure that would be suitable for them. We had three couples of Steppe eagles, so it was decided to transport the pair to Chrrkassy Zoo that had a suitable enclosure for keeping and breeding of these birds.


In 2009 the young family was settled in their new spacious apartment. They got adapted quite fast. In 2012 they got their first successful egg-laying. Usually egles lay 1-2 eggs. It is mainly a female which is brooding, the male provides for her. Feeding of these carnivore birds is quite various: from insects to small animals. They feed on carrion as well. Till 2018 Vasily and Vasilina had 6 nestlings. Four of them have already moved to other Zoos of Ukraine. The enclosure of our eagles has been recently reconstructed and now the birds are being kept in an even more comfortable way. These efforts have not been in vain as the couple is waiting for new nestlings to be born.