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Сохранение редких видов животных

Amur Tiger Event at Kharkov Zoo


Amur Tiger Day event celebration has become a custom in Kharkov Zoo. 

Each time we try to come up with something new in order to attract the attention of adults and children to the problem of conservation of the species. Kharkov Zoo is proud of its gorgeous Amur tiger pair. These animals are much  endangered in the wild duer to habitat extinction and human suppression. Workers of Edicational Department of Kharkov Zoo together with Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo will tell the visitors of these rare animals, about their place in the wild world and the reasons for their being endangered.

The event will begin 15 August at 11.00 near enclosures of bog cats. Interactive game for children "On the Tiger Path" will start. Children will be offered various tasks and quests that will enhance better inderstanding of biology of tigers and leopards. Those who come through all 5 stages (posts) will be rewarded prizes.

In "Tiger Face shop" all visitors will be able to have their faces made up in tiger design. Visitors will also indulge in concert show prepared by Young Biologists and Zoo friends

We are looking forward to see you at our event!

Tortilla Tortoise Birthday


In the course of last 11 years Kharkov Zoo has been taking an active part in Shellshock campaign announced by EAZA. In order to attract public attention to conservation of European fresh water turtles Kharkov Zoo organizes "Tortilla tortoise birthday". This event has become traditional in Kharkov Zoo.

For the First Time in Kharkov Zoo


19 August an interesting event happened in Kharkov Zoo. A new species has been added to our collection - a calf of Scotlan Highland cattle. This calf has been given as a present to our Zoo by Feldman Ecopark. The new-comer has been lodged in Contact Zoo. He has endured the transportation well. The four-month charming calf has been named April.