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Сохранение редких видов животных

A Kharkov Citizen


A month has passed since tiger cub named Elysseycame to Kharkov Zoo. We hope that the most difficult period in his life has ended. During first two weeks he was afraid of everything - people and new objects in the enclosure and kept on staying in his house.

International Animal Protection Day


On the 3rd of October Kharkov Zoo will celebrate the event dedicated to the International Animal Protection Day. The event will start at 11 A.M.  near the Zoo administration office. This important event is going to attract public attention to problems of our neighbours on this planet and to inspire compassion and sympaty to animals.

Inquisitive visitors will be invited to quest game. Winners will be awarded prizes.

Master classes will teach how to male environment enrichment toys for our animals.

"Fairytale Sitting-Room" will invite the smallest visitors. Entertainers will be children actors from "Magic Theatre School".

The Event Program:

Event Dedicated to International Animal Protection Day


Animal protection – is the main goal of the Zoo. It comprises animal exposition, educational activities, participation if rare species breeding programmes, biology studies, optimal animal husbandry, promotion of gene pool, ecoethic upbringing of children.