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I Have Drawn You!


Today Kharkov Art Museum has made a unique exhibition of children's drawings based on topic "Our Littlest Brethren" which was organized by trade-union committee of medical workers. The exhibition presented 160 works performed by young artists. The peculiarity of the exhibition is that its participants will become medical workers in future.

Our Greetings with Easter


Великий праздник, дар небес!
Христос Воскрес! Христос воскрес!
Повсюду колокольный звон,
Благую весть разносит он.

Пусть в мире царствует добро,
В сердцах у всех живет оно.
И в этот светлый день счастливый
Пусть души будут все красивы.

The 8th of March in the Animal World


8-shaped treats were the presents to our females. The four-legged "girls" were greeted on the 8th of March by Kharkov Zoo workers. Tendy and Stepanida (our elephant female and our hippo female) found their vegetable treats quite tasty. Capuchin monkeys enjoyed their favourite fruit and nuts.