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Реконструкция зоопарка

Regular Visit of EAZA Inspector to Kharkov Zoo


EAZA Mentor has payed another visit to Kharkov Zoo. Mr. Marjo Hoedemaker has visited our Zoo twice already this year. Mr. Marjo has studied the detailed master plan of Kharkov Zoo reconstruction and met Igor Terekhov,  the First Deputy Major of Kharkov City.

Новые апартаменты для сибирских козерогов и европейских муфлонов


In coincidence with 120th anniversary of Kharkov Zoo two new enclosures for Siberian ibex and European mouflons have been constructed. These new facilities are more spacious comparing to previous ones, their design resembles wild natural habitat in which these beautiful and proud animals live. In the centre of the enclosure there is a hill of rocks.