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Образовательная деятельность. 2014 год

Night of Bats in Kharkov Zoo


Kharkov Zoo is inviting you to the lecture dedicated to the International Night of Bats!

21 September, Sunday, we are waiting for you to take a trip into the fascinating, informative and unusual world of these mysterious animals.

The "EUROBATS" organization has been the rallying point of the event in more than 60 countries of the world. It is for the first time that Kharkov Zoo offers this event for its visitors. 

Summer trips of young biologists of Kharkov Zoo to National Nature Conservation Parks of Kharkov Region


Young biologists Lena Rodenko and Lera Sappa together with the leader of the Club of Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo Alena Sergeyevna Prilutskaya have spent two weeks in the National Nature Protection Park "Gomolshan Forests" (region of Zmiev town). The aim of the expedition was monitoring of summer population of bats.