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Жук-олень – санитар леса

Do you know that stag-beetle is one of the biggest in Europe and it is included onto the Redbook of many countries, including Ukraine? These insects are endangered due to loss of habitat, they perish while deforestation. 

It is amazing to realize that this magnificent beetle dies shortly after he becomes adult. After coupling a male dies, а female dies after laying eggs. The cycle of development of larva of stag beetle takes from 4 to 6 years, sometimes up to 8 years. Larvae inhabit roots of old rotten trees, stumps and branches. Larvae do not inhabit sick but live trees. Thy feed basically on dead wood.

While foraging on dead wood during larva stage and feeding on tree juice, the stag beetle does not do any harm to forests and and agricultural lands. The beetle does not disturb neither healthy trees nor objects made of wood. It feeds only on juice that comes out of scars in the bark of a tree.  Stag beetle does a lot of good to forests, it is "sylvatic sanitary assistant". Feeding on rotten wood and processing it, the beetle ferilizes the ground.