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Young Biologists from Kramatorsk are Visiting Kharkov Zoo

The Club of Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo is quite poplular. Since the construction of the new educational facility “The House of Young Biologists” in 2009, many young naturalists from different regions of Ukraine visited our Zoo. The exchange of experience with other organizations of young biologists is part and parcel of our Young Biologists’ Club credo.


In the end of October children from the Kramatorsk Community of Young Biologists and Young Zoologists visited Kharkov Zoo. They spent a good time here and left this message while leaving:


The group of Young Naturalists of Kramatorsk thanks its Kharkov friends form the Young Biologists’ Club of Kharkov Zoo for the cordial and warm welcome. We would like to thank the administration of Kharkov Zoo as well as the workers of educational department and workers of hand-reared animals for their care and attention. We learnt a lot of interesting and useful things from them.

In Kharkov Zoo we saw many plants and animals that are rare in our territory. It was fascinating experience to watch the animals in the “House of Young Biologists” – how they are treated, bred, cared for. We learned some peculiarities of rare species husbandry.



Our friendship with Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo lasts for several years already. In 2011 and 2013 the leaders of the Young Biologists' Club hosted us in the "House of Young Biologists" . In 2012 young biologists from Kharkov Zoo visited our city and watched chalk mountains in Kramatorsk. We will be happy to see you soon and we hope for new gettings together. Many thanks for everything!


We also hope for new meetings in the future. We wish ous friends from Kramatorsk much success in their sudies as well as peace and calm in their region!