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Winter Holidays

The weather was gorgeous last weekend. It was sunny ans not too cold. Many people came to the Zoo to see the animals and to have good time.


On Saturday the Zoo organized theme quest "Day of Tongues". The task was to pass through various check points, to solve various problems. The quest started with guessing game where participants were to tell the animal by the sound of the voice. At the next level the participants were to show their knowledge of biological peculiarities of toungues of animals.


Only polyglotes could pass the next level. The task was to discern the language in which the phrase was writen. The next level was to study the sign language with our primates in the "House of Primates".


The final level dealt with cats and dogs, the peculiarities of their behaviour. The participants were to tell the meaning of their postures. Our guests were treated with tea and biscuits, then they received presents from the Zoo. 

The next day we celebrated the Oriental New Year Day in the House of Primates. One would think that the New Year of Fiery Monkey has already come but in reality it starts  in February.

We could not ignore this date because there are plenty of monkeys in Kharkov Zoo. We told our visitors about them. There was a photo exhibition telling about interesting moments from primates' life. The youngest visitors were invited to a special festive program. Kids played with a clown and participated in creative contests. Each event in the Zoo traditionally ends with a quiz game. This time our participants received a present and a small pet animal as well. Marmosets, macaques, capucines and baboons were very excited to find themselves in the centre of attention. They readily accepted the treat offered by the Zoo guests together with Zoo workers.


Kharkov Zoo administration is grateful to eveyone who visited the Zoo and supported our animals. 

You are always welcome at Kharkov Zoo! There is always something wonderful and exciting to see.

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