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Winter Feeders for Birds

Winter is a hard time for birds. Before snowstorms birds could somehow feed themselves, with snow cover it is not that simple to find food. It is not frosty weather that is bad but hunger. In their search for food birds start migrating to cities. Winter is a season when birds massively perish.  


Trying to help hungry denizens of the air, people try to help the birds by offering them food. But many people do not know that starchy, fatty, salty and fried foods can lead to death of birds. If you feed bread to waterfowl, yeast starts fermenting in glandular stomach; waterfowl can catch cold after eating bread filled with ice-cold water.

The optimal variant is setting feeders and feeding various dry foods. Design of the feeders should be convenient for birds. They should be fixed at places unaccessible for cats.

Birds feeding is a bit tricky but if you fulfil all conditions you will be able to render qualified aid to birds and they will pay you off with their constant attention.