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Winner of the Contest under the Name of P.A. Manteiffel

Our young biologist lena Rodenko has won the first prize in the contest under the name of Professor Pyotr Aleksandrovitch Manteiffel. She has created the best research work in the field of zoology and nature conservation. This annual contest is organized by the Moscow Zoo.

Диплом за 1-е в конкурсе им. профессора Петра Александровича Мантейфеля

It has been for two years already that Lena is co-working with the specialists of Chiroptera Rehabilitation Centre. Lena takes an active part in conservation and protection of these Redbook animals in our city. The problem is that bats have hibernation period in winter time. But some of bats that live in houses, awaken from human disturbance, other bats get weak and are not able to survive until spring without human aid.  Lena fed Chiropter, kept them in her fridge, monitored the changes in their weight, estimated their survival rating. The results of her research have been summarized in her contest paper.

During the winter of 2012/2013 more than 200 Chiropterae have been saved and released in spring time.