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White Snow in the Zoo

One would ask what is unusual in this news. All city is covered with snow!  But the Zoo is a place where everything is unusual. It has a special fairytale atmosphere. White Snow looks as if he is from a fairytale, too. White Snow is the name of a young porcupine recently born. White porcupines are quite scarce. In the wild these individuals do not survive. Still, in the Zoo these individuals feel comfortable and live until they come of old age.


Sometimes these animals are considered to be "relatives" of hedgehogs. This is untrue. Hedgehog is a typical carnivore animal, it is an insect-eating mammal. A porcupine is a rodent, porcupine's diet consists of roots, root plants, green. In South regions these animals attack gourd fields; their favourite treat is water-melon. Many tall stories have been composed about these wonderful animals. For eample, some people say that porcupines are irritative and stubborn animals...they can shoot with their quills... their quills are poisonous. In truth, a porcupine is a harmless animal that prefers not to be bothered.  

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