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Where has Dined the Sparrow?

Sparrows do not withstand competition with pigeons in struggle for food remnants, 'bread crumbs'. If a tree sparrow (Passer montanus) is still quite common in streets and yards of the city, House Sparrow can be met quite rarely. Kharkov Zoo is one of such places.

Here sparrow feel like hosts. They have dinner with elephants, they dine with tigers, they take supper with bears. Sometimes these birds have uncasual menu. On the last day of September sparrows were observed in biota tree. Biota (Platycladus orientalis) can often be seen in urban tree belts. With amazing celerity sparrows crawled among biota branches and husked dry fruit of last year.

In conclusion we would like to mention the increased confidence of sparrows. Sparrows take food from hand, just like blue-tits and nuthatches.