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Welcome to Feathered Friends

The 1st of April is the International Day of Migratory Birds. Last Sunday Kharkov Zoo visitors could participate in the event of Welcoming the Feathered Friends.


Our guests could participate in various contests and see bright shows presented by theatre groups and Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo.


The special event of the feast was feeding of the pelicans. These wonderful birds share their pond with cormorants and they get on together marvellously.


The Zoo workers told about the rules of designing of birds' houses, showed various examples of birds' houses and explained how to avoid mistakes while constructing them.

The exhibition "Owls of Ukraine" let our visitors know nocturnal birds of local fauna better. We told them about the Eurasian scops owl, barn owl, Eurasian eagle, Common Long-Eared Owl and Ural Owl. Photos with a charming Tawny Owl named Klusha will be a special decoration of photo albums of many people.