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Welcome Day for Feathered Friends

This feast has a long tradition. In  1906  UNESCO announced the Day of Birds as International Day. It is dedicated to the return of migratory birds from warm lands. The aima of the feast is to conserve the biodiversity of wild population as well as biological education of the public.

Near Kharkov Zoo administration office you will see a show followed by games and contests for children "Birdy Spot".

The exhibition of birds' houses and the photo presentation "Is it a Joke?" will tell you how NOT to construct birds' houses.

On this day you will have a chance to see from a close distance the wonderful and interesting birds at the exhibition "Owls of Ukraine".

The Department of Birds workers will show you how they feed pelicans . Then a nandou and Ground Hornbills will be released into their summer enclosures.

You are invited for an excursion "The most amazing birds in Kharkov Zoo collection".

We are waiting for all of you!