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"We Love the Zoo" Event

4 December there happened “We Love Kharkov Zoo” event, dedicated to the International Day of Disabled People.  We organize this event each year, standing not only for diversion of handicapped children from their health problems, but also for giving these children the possibility of handling the animals. In other words, we use zootherapy which always leads to positive results.

This year children from Kharkov foster homeN11 and kids attended by the Center of social services  of Kharkov region visited the Zoo. 

The event started with fascinating tour round the Zoo. Kids enjoyed watching the gorgeous lions, bright-coloured fish, young restless monkeys and other animals.

Notwithstanding the frosty weather, all children were eager to take a horse ride in a carriage!

A funny Clown met the children in the Zoo club. He played games with children and offered contests. Guests laughed at his naughty tricks. They liked his little circus show in which he was accompanied by symbol of the coming year, a white goat named Lada.

Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo prepared a New-Year show for kids. Artists performed together with their hand-reared pets! After the show guests could pat those animal artists – the rabbit, the ferret and the red fox.

In the end of the event each kid got a present of books,  a tin of  “Ahmad Tea London”, fruit and Zoo souvenirs.

We are always glad to see you, kids! Come to us more often!