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The administration of Kharkov city greets all Kharkov citizens with the day of our beloved city!

On the 23rd of August, 1943, our city was freed from Fascist German troops. That's why this day has become the main feast of Kharkov city.

The history of Kharkov Zoo is closely connected with the history of our city. The city and the Zoo managed to survive through the most tiring and cruel ordeal, the fascist occupation.8 years ago, on the 22nd of August, 2008, one day before the day of Kharkov city, there was a сeremonial opening of the monument to Kharkov Zoo inhabitants who perished and who survived during the Great Patriotic War. The composition shows three monkeys in a broken window of Gosprom building. They look in wonder at the cruel and non-understandable world. This moonument tells a true story that happened during occupation of Kharkov. Three Rhesus macaques, Hector, Rose and Dazy, were among thoses very few animals who saved themselves in those atroscic days. They ran from their enclosures that had been damaged by bombings and lived by themselves in garrets during the winter of 1942-43. Also they lived in Gosprom Building. They were occasionally fed by hungry but still caring Kharkov citizens.

After freeing of Kharkov city the runaways were taken back to the Zoo. At first people managed to catch only the male. Nest day Rose and Dazy returned by themselves, not willing to stay without their Hector male. Nowadays great grand children of these three legendary monkeys live in the Zoo.