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A Visit to Zmiyov

The first day of summer is a special date that is dedicated to protection of children of the planet. Kids enjoy this day because they always can have great fun on this day. Kharkov Zoo is closed due to the global reconstruction. Still we could not stay away from this wonderful event. On this day we were invited to one of Kharkov region towns, Zmiyov.

Since the first minute our four-legged and feathered animals were surrounded by curious visitors of the event. It was for the first time that such an event took place on the central square of the town. Each adult and every kid tried to attrcat animals' attention by offering some food, including ice-cream. Our clown Fedya and his assistant Rabbit the Pretzel offered a great performance to the guests of the event. 

But the 1st of June is not only a day of fun, it is also a reminder to the society about the necessity of protection of children so that kids could grow up in happiness, had a possibility to study, to have a job they like and to become good people, nice parents and dignified citizens in future.