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Vernal A-dos of Cormorants

When warm Spring comes, the inhabitants of our ponds start building nests. The Cormorants who share their pond with pelicans, have also begun building nests.


Cormorants are considerably smaller than heir counterparts, the pelicans. Still, cormorants are also quite peculiar birds. Their bodies are vertical, their eyes are emerald-green. They have a peculiar habit of sitting during many hours with their wings spread. Such is their way of drying their feathers. Unlike other waterfowl, their feathers get wet. Wet coat might seem a disadvantage as it does not let the bird to come off water and makes it spend much time while drying. But it is much easier for a wet cormorant to dive into the water to catch a fish than it is for a dry bird. it is easy to prove while looking at agile plunges of cormorants and comparing then to clumsy swashing of anserimormes who have an air layer under their plumage. It hinders them from diving.

It is a are treat to watch how these birds swim, duck, build their nests and "have it out" with each other. Please come to the Zoo and see it for yourself. 

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