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Unusual Encounter

On the 17th of May the Museum of Literature will organize "Vis-a-vis" festival. It is a social cultural project for people with vision problems as well as people without such problems. An "ordinary" person could "try walking in the shoes" of blind people. People with vision problems, with the aid of new technologies, could get involved into art life of Kharkov city and become organizators, participants and spectators. The program included exhibition of works of children with eye problems, art circles performances, chess tournament etc.

Kharkov Zoo also participated in this project. Our group of pet animals arrived to the festival. Any person could play with racoon, hold a snake, an owl, take the biggest and the smallest fox representatives and many other animals. We thank the organizators of the festival for the possibility of participation in the event. This event helped us to understand that a healty society should accept disabled people in everyday life.