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Uncommon Place with Extraordinary Guests

During certain period of time Kharkov Zoo will not be able to host our beloved and much welcomed guests. The only reason for this is a large-scaled reconstruction of the Zoo. Our city deserves everything of the best quality, it also concerns our animals. But this does not mean that our animals cannot be your guests. We will readily come if you invite us. Your fine mood is the most important thing for us. Wonderful spirits will stay with you long time after our visit.


On the 28th of September we visited Zeleny Gay Educational Complex. Kids there could get acquainted with local fauna and exotic animals. Foster children learned a lot about life of these animals, they solved riddles and got presents - books about animals.


Our turtles made a small improvised race. Olympic Games have recently finished  and this could be considered as the final performance of the best sportsmen of the planet. Friendship and high spirits of spectators were winners of the race.