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Tortilla Tortoise Birthday

In the course of last 11 years Kharkov Zoo has been taking an active part in Shellshock campaign announced by EAZA. In order to attract public attention to conservation of European fresh water turtles Kharkov Zoo organizes "Tortilla tortoise birthday". This event has become traditional in Kharkov Zoo. We tell our visitors about these wonderful animals and need of their conservation. We explain why they should not be disturbed and taken to human living-places.

On 23 May Kharkov Zoo exhibited tortoises, visitors were offered a lecture "Turtles, so mysterious and diverse". Young visitors could participate in enthralling quest and plunge into atmosphere of real adventures. All participants were given a pirate map for present. This map helped find all quest posts and fulfil the tasks - to draw a turtle on asphalt, to make origami turtle and to make a turtle out of clay. With each task fulfilled, a visitor received a game piece. Those who filfiled all tasks and managed to get to the hidden place marked in the map, changed their game pieces for "treasures of Common Snapping Turtle". Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo clad in pirate costumes helped our participants to fulfil all the tasks sucessfully. 

All participants were awarded with prizes. Everybody learned new facts about wonderful reptilia of turtles.