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Tiger Day Event

15 August the Zoo traditionally organizes educational "Tiger Day" event. The Zoo is proud of its magnificent pair of Amur Tigers. In wild nature the population of these animals diminishes due to human chazing and habitat loss. Workers od Educational Department together with Young Biologists told the visitors of these rare animals, of reasons for their extinction and of their natural habitat.

Kids were proposed to play interactive game "On the Tiger Path". Young visitors could play "tiger games", answer quiz questions and get prizes. 

Actors of "Grotesque" circus group came to entertain the visitors with bright and amusing show. Girls from "Yarina" association performed for the Zoo visitors for the first time, they told a poem and danced "Tiger Dance".

On this day everyone could have his or her face tiger-painted, to much joy of young visitors.

This event inspired in 12-year old Lukash Nikita a desire of writing a poem dedicated to the International Tiger Day:


Посвящается Международному дню тигра

День сегодня необычный,

Потому что праздник личный

У того, кто в полосатой

Шубе ходит и усатый,

Состоит в родстве с котом

Он и с царствующим львом

И хоть сам не царь зверей,

Грациозностью своей

Отличается от них.

Тигры, я дарю вам стих!

Вы, конечно же, не крошки,

Но милы, как и все кошки.