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Support to Our Zoo

The day of the 16th November was quite bright, eventful and much-remembered- after for all visitors of the Zoo without exception. Usually fine weather in November is rare and Kharkov citizens are not eager to take a trip round the Zoo. That’s why the officials of the Department of family, sport and youth issues decided to make a real feast that visitors could relish and enjoy.


All Sunday long the Zoo looked like a big playground. All age groups were involved. Aqua make-up, origami, modeling, paper clipping, Zoo quests for kids and adults, games and contests, show program – there were amusements for anyone.


All visitors, young and old, got lots of fun and adventures as well as prizes. Representatives of “Nature Watch” Foundation expressed their gratitude to Kharkov Zoo workers and to Alexey Grigoryev, Director of Kharkov Zoo, for great work spent to improve the welfare of animals. The members of the foundation gave high estimation to our efforts during such hard times in Ukraine. The “Nature Watch” Foundation made a donation to help the animals of Kharkov Zoo.


This exciting event caused much positive emotions. We will remember it long ever after. About a thousand of Kharkov citizens and Kharkov guests plunged into amazing world of the Zoo.

Dear visitors, we thank you for your support! You have proved again that you love the Zoo and that our animals  may always count on your help!