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Summer Starts with Wonder


 The first day of summer is dedicated to the International Children Protection Day and to saving peace on Earth. History of this event starts in the twenties of the previous century. The decision of its celebration was taken in 1925 at the International Conference dedicated to the issues of children welfare. The International Chilren Protection Day is one of the eldest international events. Since 1950 the international community under the initiativwe of the OUN has been celebrating the Children Protection Day thus considering the protection of children rights, health and life as mainstream priority. The Children Protection Day is celebrated throughout the world. Kharkov Zoo also keeps this tradition. The first weekend of June is always an amazing event for Kharkov Zoo visitors. On warm sunny day of Saturday each kid received a present from our sponsor, AHMAD TEA TM.

At 12 near the administration office all our guests enjoyed the concert performed by kids. There were many unforgettable solo presentations, dance groups created the atmosphere of fairytale, future circus professionals played fabulous ticks. What event can be without a clown? Our red-nosed clown Fedya made children laugh and play and sing and dance.


On this day our kind friends from Association of mothers with big families (AMMA) led master classes. Charity foundation "Kharkov Centre of Help to the Pregnant" prepared a class "Wonder of Life". The event was accompanied by mini-show with soap bubbles and presentation of models of fetal evolution. 


A true censation was event near the fountain "A Girl with a Goose". There was bright-coloured meal from "Ecomeal" producer. Kids could become sculpturers and prepared coloured dough and make a figure of their own. Famous drummer David Davidyan played his instrument while kids were treated to coloured dough cookies. Sets os coulored flour were given as prizes to winners of the children marathon. Dance and musical talents were estimated there, originality of figures created by kids.


Smiles of children is the most precious gift. Even the most severe heart wil melt from them. May everyone try to make life of kids better and safer. Kids and childhood are the most omportant things. We wish to our kids to gow healthy, happy and strong, they are our future.