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The Story How Parrots Assumed Their Names on Air

On the 20th of January our two green-winged macaw males assumed their names on air of local TV. They were born in the end of 2016. This was an important event for the Department of Birds and for the Zoo in general. It has already been 11 years since green-winged macaws have been born in Kharkov Zoo. 


After nestlings started flying out, Zoo workers had a new task to do - what names should they give to these handsome ones? It was decided to ask for the public opinion. After a short while we acquired more than 50 different names. The members of the Department of Birds could not make up their minds and chose the most interesting variants. Finally there were seven options. AOlga Sitkovskaya,  TV presenter of the morning program "Kharkov morning online" chose one variant out of this list. These names, Archie and Fischer, were proposed by Oksana Revenko. Since this moment the eldest boy has been called Archie, his brother's name has been Fischer.

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