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St. Nicolas' Day at the Zoo

St Nicolas is the most venerated holy man.

On this wonderful day we have prepared an extraordinary program for you.

The beginning is at 12.00.

St. Nicolas accompanied by angels and a puck will come in a carriage. Kids will answer his questions: have they behaved well? Have they been kind and obeyed their parents?

Those who have behaved throughout the year, will get presents from St. Nicolas. "Sinners" will get symboliс twig swishes from the puck. Kids will write their wishes on multicoloured paper. Those who cannot write yeat will whisper their wishes into St. Nicolas ear.

St. Nicolas loves and cares for humans as well as for animals.

2016 year will be Fiery Monkey year. We have decided to make another present to our visitors and to our animals.

Zoo guests will be taken on an excursion round the House of Primates. After the excursion they will be offered a "Monkey Feeding" master class. Sweet treats made by the Zoo guests will be readily accepted by our naighty and playful monkeys. Watching monkeys who try to guess the tasty riddles will surely bring lots of joy to our young and adult visitors.


Kharkov Zoo is greeting everyone woth upcoming New Year and Christmas holidays and offers you a present. From 19 December till 7 January the ticket price for students and schoolchildren will be 10 grivnas (please provide your student ticket). Ticket price for an adult person will make 20 grivnas. We wish you wonderful winter holidays!!!

We are looking forward to see you!