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Spring Family Replenishment in Kharkov Zoo

Traditionally the upcoming of spring means nature feast. Spring is a start for everything new. Early in the morning birds start singing. They sing how wonderful this world is. For Kharkov Zoo the beginning of spring brough a replenishment in camels' family. On the 21st of March a camel cub was born. The new-born female is getting acquainted with the surrounding world. Besides her parents, she has neighbours that are close relatives to camels, namely guanakoes.


Camels breed in Kharkov Zoo each year. At present, besides the baby, there are 5 camels - 3 females and 2 males. In the reconstructed Zoo our camels will live in new facilities where they will sure have new-borns, too.


We would like to ask you, dear friends, to help us choose the name for the baby. Please follow this link and leave your variant there. We will select the most interesting name and will give it to the baby.