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Spring Conference of Young Biologists

26 April the Annual Conference of Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo was organized. This year it was dedicated to the Earth Day that was celebrated 22 April. The day of the conference, 26 April,  coincided with the day of Chernobyl tragedy. We invited Alexandr Vladimirovich Naglov (biologist from Kharkov University named after V.N. Karazin). This man has more than once visited Chernobyl  exclusion zone. He made a report on the current state of nature and fauna in Chernobyl exclusion zone. Then Luda Chukhray, Young Biologist, made a speech on the problems of Aral Sea, its evaporation process and extinction of its inhabitants. Yulia Pulyayeva, Young Biologist, told about the results of winter observations of mallard ducks on the ponds of Kharkov Zoo. Sveta Belyayeva described her experience of rearing and reintroduction of swift nestlings brought by visitors to the Zoo. Young Biologists Masha Shuvayeva and Lera Sappa informed us of results of their trips to day-drifts in Chuguyev region for monitoring of chiroptera during hibernation period.