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Sonya+ Matvey = 3 Bear Cubs

Matvey and Sonya are Brown Bear couple that has been transfered to Kharkov Zoo from animal menageries. Bears were ill, exhausted, they had many health problems. Sonya arrived to the Zoo in 2008, her future husband came two years later, in 2010. We cured the bears and joined them together. After winter hibernation there were three young bear cubs in their enclosure, two females and one male. During hibernatuin period we learned about the bear cubs by judging from sounds that came from the den. Only in the beginning of this week we were able to see the cubs. Zoo workers separated the cubs at once as they were at some risk. They have nice appetite. They are fed according to the sime schedule. 


Brown bears breed quite well in Zoos. Each year new cubs are born. These animals need much space. Unfortunately, we do not have possibility to leave the cubs in the Zoo. We have got 8 individuals and they live in space-limited conditions. That's why these young bears will soon leave for new animal keeping institutions. We hope that their new environment will be suitable for them.