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Some Animals Changed their Outdorr Enclosures for Indoor Facilities

Time passes by. Boon Spring seemed to come not so lolg ago, however winter is right behind the door. Elephants, hippos, kangaroos, many other animals and birds leave for winter enclosures where they are warm and comfortable. Birds' House is now not open for the public due to reparation works. Elephant's House, Hippos' House, Herbivores' House, Aquarium and Primates' House are now ready for visitors.

All these facilities are situated in different parts of the Zoo. If you get cold while walking round the Zoo, you can get warmed up by turning in Elephants' House and watching the pair of Tendy female and her beloved Aung male. Also you may admire the Hippo female named Stepanida diving and coming out of water (Stepanida was born in Kharkov Zoo, she is a Kharkov citizen). You can observe playful maras and kangaroos, also you can feel like a captain of a submarine. You may look into Nile Crocodile eyes and visit the world of our remote relatives (by Darwin theory). You will be able to see all this when you come to Kharkov Zoo. At any time of the year animals are a rare treat for the eye, their behaviour changes corresponding to nature.