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Simba's Lot

Many years have passed but Kharkov Zoo website visitors want to now the news of lion Simba's. One would hardly recognize the former exhausted, frost-nipped and suffering lion in this well-fed and good-looking King of animals. Simba was saved from Severodonetsk menagerie "Maugli" in 2010. We got many phone calls from Severodonetsk inhabitants imploring us to save the animals who were frost-bitten and dying from absence of food and care. A group of qualified specialists was sent to Severodonetsk with a special transportation cage for the lion. Then Kharkov City Council sent a special van with heated container. Kharkov Zoo placed Simba into an enclosure in winter facility that had been specially prepared for him. The lion got long and thotough treatment. Reports on health condition of the animal were regularly posted on Kharkov Zoo website. Adults and schoolchildren called us and proposed their help. Simba got recovered. He stays in Kharkov Zoo together with a lioness named Nala. They get on quite well.

Simba is now strutting majestically in his enclosure, proudly showing his sturdy body and thick mane. While looking at his complacent coxcombry it is hard to believe that his life used to be on the verge of extinction. He is sure to live long happily ever after, surrounded with care and affection.