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The "Seek and Find "Quest Game in Kharkov Zoo

This Saturday, 26 March, we played an educative and informative quest game. All interested visitors could participate in it.

This time the participants were to pass five points situated in different Zoo facilities and were to do various tasks connected with animal life.

Can you recognize a camle by his voice? Can you tell five animals the first letter of the name of whom is "L"? Can you find on a photo a bird or a frog who hide in disguise? Do you know where you may find analogues of a syringe, tweezers and carton in animal world? These tasks as well as others aroused much interest in children and adults. Visitors, young biologists and even two Zoo workers were among the participants.

Such events are to be organized at the Zoo in future. Follow the news on our web-site.

Looking forward to see you in our Zoo!